With RusPod you get a four-level entertaining course of the Russian language, from absolute zero to basics. Listen to our shows, read lessons, do exercises and check your progress. As a result you’ll learn not only Russian but a lot about Russia itself!


There are two audio files to listen in the beginning of every lesson.
A short dialogue in Russian that usually describes a typical russian situation. While you are listening to it you can read the subtitles both in Russian and in English. The yellow pointer will help you understand what line you are listening to at the moment.
The podcast itself where two russian hosts will lead you through the dialogue. They translate it for you line by line and then they take a closer look at grammar and vocabulary. At the end of each podcast you will hear some interesting stuff about how things work in Russia.


After listening to the podcast, you can move on to the lesson we've prepared for you. It’s full of usefull information you wouldn’t want to miss.
The vocabulary section explains the most important phrases and gives the translation of some other words from the dialogue.
A closer look helps you understand better how the new phrases are used and gives you some additional vocabulary on the topic.
The grammar part gives a detailed review of the new rules. It has all the needed tables, clear explanations of the rules and a lot of examples to help you remember the new material.
Cultural tips are there for you to help you understand this weird Russia better. National pecularities, everyday life habits, a bunch of tips and useful links that may help you find your way in the country.


Doing exercises is a great opportunity to learn everything better, check if
you got all new information correctly and control your progress.
Exercises are arranged according to the main sections of the lesson: Grammar, Vocabulary and Knowing Russia.The last part is Lesson review that examines all sections together.
As soon as you click the "check button" you will see your results and your rating for this particular lesson, from one to five stars. Also, our system will generate your level rating based on the results of all exercises of the current level.
Choose the right words to fill in the gaps in Grammar and Vocabulary exercises, find one right answer out of two in Knowing Russia and decide which phrases are right and which are wrong in Lesson Review.
If you want to get more stars just go through the lesson and take the test again!


If you want to share your experience related to the topic of the lesson,or ask a question about some new rules, or just give us feedback, do it in the comment section on our site. We promise to help you!


Dashboard is your personal navigator through the course. It shows your progress and
rating, a list of lessons we suggest you do next and the lessons you have done already.
The progress bar demonstrates how many podcasts of every level you have listened to.
We recommend you next lessons to take in order to follow the current level step by step. You may choose other lessons and even combine different levels together but this would mean you are not taking advantage of following our educational programme.
Rating is based on the results of all tests you have passed at a certain level.
The list of completed lessons is there for you to keep track of how much work you have done already! You'll see your test results, comments you have left and answers to them.

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