Learn Russian online: New Year and Christmas

New Year and Christmas

Happy New Year to all of our listeners! In this episode of Ruspod Shorts, you'll learn some holiday vocabulary and also find out how come Russians care more about the new year than about Christmas, how Russian Grandpa Frost is different from Santa, and why the words "Old New Year" make sense in Russian.

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С Новым Годом!
[S Noh-vyhm Goh-dum]
Happy New Year!
Новый Год
[Noh-vyi Gohd

New Year

Дед Мороз
[Dyed Mah-rohz]

Grandpa Frost, Russian version of Santa 

Snowgirl, Ded Moroz's granddaughter


Старый Новый Год
[Stah-ryi Noh-vyi Gohd]

Old New Year