Learn Russian online: To drinking!

To drinking!

Some Russian lessons are usually given by Russians who are too drunk to teach to English speakers who are too drunk to learn. We decided to fix this, and ended up with this episode, a sober explanation of different ways to say "cheers", or, more accurately, propose a toast in Russian.

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давай, давайте
[dah-VAI, da-VAI-tye]


за здоровье
[zah zdah-ROH-vyeh]

to health!

за встречу
[zah VSTRYEH-choo]

to the meeting!

за тебя
[zah tyeh-BYAH]

to you!

за нас
[zah nahs]

to us!

за друзей
[zah droo-ZYEY]

to friends!

за женщин
[zah ZHEHN-scheen]

to women!

на здоровье
[nah zdah-ROH-vyeh]

you're welcome


thank you