Learn Russian online: All by oneself

All by oneself

Just three letters, one syllable — "сам" — can be translated into English as "myself", "himself", "yourself" and all kinds of other "selves." This whole episode of Ruspod Shorts is fully devoted to this one short, but important word.

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oneself, by oneself 

я сам
[yah sahm]

I myself, I'll do it myself

мы сами
[myh SAH-mee]

we ourself

ты сам
[tyh sahm]

you yourself (singular)

вы сами
[vyh SAH-mee]

you yourself (plural)`

он сам
[ohn sahm]

he himself

она сама
[ah-NAH sah-MAH]

she herself

они сами
[ah-NEE sah-MEE]

they themselves

сам дурак!
[sahm doo-RAHK]

YOU'RE stupid!