Learn Russian online: Here's your change

Here's your change

It's check-out time, so let's finish our shopping and pay. And don't forget your change! To deal with change and paying, it's useful to learn how to count – even if for now it's only up to five.


Продавщица: 105 (сто пять). 5 (пять) рубле´й бу´дет?
Saleslady: 105. Have you got 5 rubles?
Мужчина: Да, сейча´с. 1 (оди´н), 2 (два), 3 (три), 4 (четы´ре)...
Man: Yes, just a moment. One, two, three, four…
Продавщица: Уже не на´до.
Saleslady: There is no need anymore.
Мужчина: ...5 (пять).
Man: …five.
Продавщица: Вот сда´ча.
Saleslady: Here (is your) change.


Natalia RusPod 09.08.2013
spinningnmyslee, it'd be great if you are comfortable with this. Our email is info@ruspod.com. Спасибо еще раз! (thanks again, or literally - thanks one more time)
spinningnmysleep 09.08.2013
And, spasiba!
spinningnmysleep 09.08.2013
Well, English is my specialty! And I have an eye for detail. :) Would it be better for me to forward mistakes I see to an e-mail rather than posting on each page's comments?
Natalia RusPod 09.08.2013
spinningnmysleep, wow, you're really fast and accurate…) Thanks, fixed!
spinningnmysleep 09.08.2013
Forgot the definition after рубле´й in the Vocabulary section. Of course we can figure it out, but for consistency... :)

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