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What's up?

One tricky thing about talking on the phone is that you sometimes don't know whom you're talking to. Then, you're too sweet to the wrong person, and the next moment your marriage is on the rocks. We can't teach you to be careful, but we can show you how to be nice and exchange the usual "how do you dos" in Russian. 


Она: Алло´?
She: Hello?
Он: Приве´т. Как дела´?
He: Hi. How are you?
Она: Приве´т, Ди´ма. Отли´чно.
She: (much too sweetly) Hi, Dima. (I'm doing) great.
Он: Э´то не Ди´ма. Э´то твой муж.
He: It's not Dima. It's your husband (talking).
Она: Ой. Серё´жа? Как дела´?
She: Oops. Seryozha? How are you?
Он: Пло´хо.
He: Bad.


mamadourbamba 17.11.2015
Good Pod cast
henriqdp 15.08.2013
Hi, Nikita! My name is Henrique, but you got close to it (the "dp" letters come from my middle name, btw) :) I've found the article rather curious. here in brazil it's the extreme opposite: cheating is the main cause of many divorces and there is a pejorative word (which means that there is also a lot of jokes related) to refer to cheated ones (I could write an article as huge as the one you've posted about that) but seems that the link on your comment have "escaped" through the comment section borders (I've printscreen'd it: http://i.imgur.com/Yr2Np1w.png). you better check that. it may be useful information: I'm using chrome on windows 7 thanks for the culture exchanging!
Nikita Petrov 15.08.2013
Thank you, Henri! (Did I guess your name right based on the email?) As for mihearing parnters' voices... Here's an article on the topic http://www.slate.com/articles/double_...
henriqdp 13.08.2013
Another great podcast, by the way. Keep up the good work! (:
henriqdp 13.08.2013
Are the russians used to misheard their partners' voices on the phone? hahahaahaha
DzhonJ2009 01.04.2013
Another great lesson. Спасибо.

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