Learn Russian online: Black bread

Black bread

It's time to buy some groceries – did you remember the bread? And have you ever heard about "black bread"? Let's try to figure out what that might be and learn how to talk to a vendor and ask for something.


Мужчина: Мо´жно хлеб?
Man: May I have some bread?
Продавщица: Бе´лый или чё´рный?
Saleslady: White or black?
Мужчина: Чё´рный? Это шу´тка?
Man: Black? Is this a joke?
Продавщица: Ну, хорошо´... Бе´лый.
Saleslady: Well, all right... White (be it).


ggutierrez1 20.04.2017
don't knock it till you try it
james.anderson24 24.07.2014
Brendan Collins 29.11.2013
Hello, on a few of the tests the answers change when you check the answers. I thought I was doing them wrong but I have double checked this with 2 now and there is a little scripting fault I think. Hope this helps
moccaa 06.11.2013
ну, хорошо´!
Nick Smith 19.07.2013
Very good!
paganizonda12 09.07.2012

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