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Today we're taking the Moscow subway. It's a lovely place to be, but still, after a while you might want to look for an exit, right? Our lesson will show you how to ask for an exit and other directions and locations.


In the subway:
Девушка: Извини´те, где вы´ход?
Girl: Excuse me, where is the exit?
Мужчина: А куда´ вам ну´жно?
Man: And where do you want (to get)?
Девушка: Наве´рх!
Girl: Up!
Мужчина: Поня´тно, что не вниз, како´й а´дрес?
Man: I understand that (you do) not (want) down, what's the address?


Nikita Petrov 17.07.2013
Freelivingform (I'll just use it as your name if you don't mind :-) ), thank you! This lesson is of the very first level. We also have Beginner, Elementary, and Basic — check them out here: http://ruspod.com/levels Once we complete those, we'll move on to the more complicated ones. Stick around!
steve 16.07.2013
Great work, thanks, please produce higher levels also - like intermediate & advanced... Thanks
Nikita Petrov 02.12.2012
Fabio, thanks for noticing. We've fixed it.
iosonofabio 01.12.2012
I think the lines are still messed up: Russian should come before English, and the last Russian line is still missing!
Natalia RusPod 29.08.2012
mkriszti94, thanks a lot for your help and sorry for the error! Now all lines are on their places :)
mkriszti94 29.08.2012
Excuse me, the last line is missing in the transcript (under the dialog)

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