Learn Russian online: I'll be in Oslo

I'll be in Oslo

While you may be dreaming to visit Russia, many Russians are yearning to escape it and to go abroad. Let's hear some of their travel plans and learn to describe our own!


Он: За´втра бу´ду в О´сло. Эх, Финля´ндия!
He: Tomorrow, I'll be in Oslo. Oh, Finland!
Она: О´сло в Норве´гии.
She: Oslo is in Norway.
Он: И что? Гла´вное – не здесь!
He: And so what? The main thing is – it's not here!


Brian Rogalski 27.11.2015
I would make notes that the endings of the place do change. I maybe somewhere within the lesson. I find it rather overwhelming to learn all the grammar endings all at once. A basic footnote on the prepositional case would be a great tie in here because the name of the less is "где ты". I could write it up for you if you like.
radman13 25.11.2015
I'm with Vanessa. I vote for underlining stress. I am constantly thinking one word is two or more words when it is divided up....
mamadourbamba 10.11.2015
Nice podcast
bri.chapman 25.09.2015
Hahah this lesson made me laugh so much! Спасибо!
Natalia RusPod 27.02.2015
Vanessa, thanks a lot for your suggestion! We know these apostrophes are a little confusing and I hope one day we'll find enough time to change them all!
Vanessa Diniz 25.02.2015
Hi i just wanted to tell you that i'm in love with ruspod. with it i can understand better some points that are not clear in other learning sites. But i'd like to give a suggestion. Instead of these aposthrofes you can underline the stressed syllables, cause sometimes it's a little confusing. you could make a poll (is ithis right?), so people could vote and decide what is best. But thank you anyway.
Natalia RusPod 21.05.2014
vegalta, thanks so much and good luck with your studies! :)
vegalta 20.05.2014
This lesson was hilarious, and also educational! I have just started learning Russian, but I have really enjoyed your lessons so far, because they're not as dry as most of the lessons I've come across. It makes a big difference if it can be both fun *and* educational! Just want to tell you guys thanks for the great work! Спасибо!
tambihot 03.05.2014
its interesting to practise and learn russian language on ruspod. after the trial can we have more exerciseon it. thankyou
Nikita Petrov 10.07.2013
derya.salam 10.07.2013
Odobos Z-man 10.01.2013
interesting!I love it.
Nikita Petrov 13.10.2012
Braintic, we have looked into your problem and found that there indeed was a technical failure. We're very sorry for it. We decided to give you 3 more days of full free access to our lessons to correct the situation. Hope you'll enjoy them!
Nikita Petrov 12.10.2012
Braintic, all lessons are free for the first seven days after your registration. If you have registered and still can't access some of the lessons, then there's some technical problem. Could you tell us your username and specify which lessons you can't access?
braintic 12.10.2012
So, when you say that ALL lessons are free for the first 7 days, you are not being entirely honest, are you?
bigusha 23.09.2012
Nikita Petrov 16.08.2012
Exactly! When we talk about location — being somewhere — we use the Prepositional case. Feminine nouns ending with "ия" drop "я" in the end and change it into "и". This way, "in Norway" becomes "в Норвегии", and "in Finland" becomes "в Финляндии".
mkriszti94 16.08.2012
Спасибо for the lesson, it was fun and useful. However there's something I'd like to ask. In the vocabulary part Norway is written as 'Норве´гия' but at all the other places is written as 'Норве´гии'. Does that extra 'и' at the end show a Russian case?

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