Learn Russian online: What's the house number?

What's the house number?

Finding the right address in a big city is quite an adventure – especially in Moscow, where the house numbering system is pretty tricky. Our lesson will help you to get it straight, so that you'll always be able to understand where the house that you need is!


Таксист: Вот дом 9 (де´вять).
Taxi-driver: Here is house number nine.
Девушка: Нет, у меня´ а´дрес: дом 9 (де´вять), дробь 5 (пять).
Girl (passenger): No, I've got an address (here = in her notebook): house number nine slash five.
Таксист: Ясно. Наве´рное, э´то там.
Taxi-driver: I see. Perhaps it's there.
Девушка: Нет, там ко´рпус 1 (один), а у меня´ ко´рпус 3 (три).
Girl: No, there is the building one, and I have the building three.
Таксист: Дробь, ко´рпус, что ещё´?
Taxi-driver: Slash, building, what else?
Девушка: Ничего´. Подъе´зд но´мер 2 (два).
Girl: Nothing. Entrance number two.


Natalia RusPod 23.02.2014
Hi krgstd, "Подъезд" is only entrance of the building, while "вход" is entrance in general. So you can say "вход" about building as well (if you can't see how to enter it), but you can't say "подъезд" about some other types of entrance (e.g. of the metro). Thanks to you for the nice feedback!
krgstd 21.02.2014
Is "подъезд" a synonym for "вход"? Or can it only be used in a specific context? Also: спасибо большое for these awesome lessons! :)

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