Learn Russian online: A short-distance train

A short-distance train

Let's leave the city hustle and bustle and travel by train! Not too far for a first ride: a short-distance train, or "электри´чка," will take you to any suburban destination around Moscow. Provided that you know where to get off, how to ask about the station you need and – very important! – that you understand the answer. Pay attention to our lesson and you'll never miss your station – we hope!


Мужчина: Извини´те, когда´ Ту´шино?
Man (on a train): Excuse me, when is Tushino station?
Женщина: Э´то сле´дующая.
Woman (a passenger): It's the next one.
Мужчина: Прости´те, что?
Man: I'm sorry, what?
Женщина: Вот она´, уже сейча´с!
Woman: Here it is, right now!
Мужчина: Что?.. Извини´те, когда´?
Man: What?.. Excuse me, when?
Женщина: Уже´ по´здно!
Woman: Too late!


garethstilwell 05.02.2013
I think it's fine to use it like that. Anybody can understand that it's a direct translation. In fact, often the direct translation helps us to remember how to say it in Russian.
Nikita Petrov 12.10.2012
Braintic, it's just a shorter way to say "When are we going to arrive at my station." Though I think you're right, and we shouldn't have used this direct translation from Russian as a title for the whole lesson. Thanks for the input, I'll see if we can change it.
braintic 12.10.2012
"WHEN" is my station?? How about some correct English.

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