Learn Russian online: Spring and Fall

Spring and Fall

Whether it's a spring or a nasty fall, Russians pay great attention to weather and would gladly discuss it. "How's the weather today?" is always a nice conversation starter, and the worse the weather is, the livelier the conversation may be. So, let's learn some weather words and also more season names in Russian!


Жена: Кака´я пого´да сего´дня?
Wife: How's the weather today?
Муж: Сего´дня дождь и ве´тер.
Husband: It's rainy and windy today.
Жена: А за´втра?
Wife: And tomorrow?
Муж: За´втра то´же дождь и ве´тер. О´сень.
Husband: Tomorrow it's also rainy and windy. It's autumn.
Жена: Го´споди! Когда´ весна´?
Wife: Lord! When is the spring?
Муж: Весна´ - весно´й.
Husband: The spring is in spring.


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