Learn Russian online: In winter and in summer

In winter and in summer

Who hasn't heard about the Russian winter – and today, we're going to experience it ourselves, so dress warmly! It's a good season to learn facts and useful expressions concerning the Russian climate – both in winter and in summer.


Оля: Как хо´лодно!
Оlya: It's so cold!
Саша: Хва´тит. Ле´том - жа´рко, зимо´й - хо´лодно
Sasha: Stop it! In summer, it's too hot, in winter, it's too cold…
Оля: Ну пра´вда хо´лодно! Ми´нус 10 (де´сять)!
Olya: No, really, it is cold! It's 10 minus!
Саша: Моро´з и со´лнце. Снег. Краси´во!
Sasha: Frost and sunshine. It's snowy. It's beautiful.


Guillermo Isaac Villar Mamani 03.08.2014
I love learning foreign languages, especially Russian. I will try to learn it because I plan to travel to this country in the future. GUILLERMO ISAAC VILLAR MAMANI

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