Learn Russian online: New Year Holidays

New Year Holidays

New Year's Day is arguably the favorite Russian holiday. And no wonder: All in all, the country has only ten whole days of vacation! But watch out: work is still looming on the horizon, so it's not a bad idea to keep your eye on the calendar. Check out our lesson to learn more about time words and the New Year holiday season of Russians.


Он: Како´й день сего´дня?
He: What day is today?
Она: Пя´тница.
She: Friday.
Он: А когда´ был Но´вый год?
He: And when was New Year's Day?
Она: 5 (пять) дней наза´д.
She: Five days ago.
Он: Зна´чит, че´рез пять дней опя´ть рабо´та! Блин.
He: That means, in five days work starts again. Shit.


Nikita Petrov 21.08.2013
jkeithly, no no no, there's a misunderstanding :-) ON TOP of the paid vacation Russians receive every year, there's a time in the year where everybody gets a 10-day break, a holiday season for the whole country. (Actually, it's more like 7 days now — they moved 3 of the days off to May, so that there's another one-week vacation like that.) We're not complaining at all, it's much more a lazy schedule than people in most countries have!
jkeithly 07.08.2013
Oops... maybe you are correct. Still, there are quite a number of unofficial holidays. So it's not like they suffer so much in reality.
jkeithly 07.08.2013
Russians have only 10 official days of vacation in a year? Please recalculate.
derya.salam 11.07.2013
Nikita Petrov 05.04.2013
Thank you so much Shanaka! It matters a world to us.
shanakadream 04.04.2013
Fantastic. I love your work. Shanaka from Sri Lanka.

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