Learn Russian online: Where are you?

Where are you?

Location, location, location! Location is everything. But what if you don't know where you are? See how the girl from our dialog masters it. We bet that after finishing this lesson, you'll be able to cope with such situations even better!


(A telephone conversation)
Он: Алё´, ты где?
He: Where are you?
Она: Я здесь.
She: I'm here.
Он: Где здесь?
He: Where (is) here?
Она: Ну, здесь есть метро´...
She: Well, there is a subway here...
Он: А ещё´ что там есть?
He: And what else is there?
Она: Ммм... Магази´н.
She: Err… A shop.
Он: Я´сно.
He: I see.


mamadourbamba 11.11.2015
Useful :)
albacecaj 31.03.2014
useful lesson
Natalia RusPod 02.01.2014
e-osullivan, "there is" is "вон". We have a special lesson for it :) Вот он (here it is): http://ruspod.com/lessons/beginner/28/
e-osullivan 01.01.2014
awesome Спасибо! does вот just mean here is or can it be there is too?
Nikita Petrov 09.07.2013
:) to you too!
derya.salam 09.07.2013
mkriszti94 17.08.2012

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