Learn Russian online: A skirt or a belt?

A skirt or a belt?

Visiting a clothing store can be pretty confusing, especially if one doesn't know much about fashions. And especially if it's a Russian store, because Russian women tend to be quite unorthodox in their fashion preferences. In such cases, it's useful to know how to ask "What (the heck) is that?" In today's lesson, we'll practice this question and find out more about clothes and Russian styles.


Мужчина: Извини´те, что э´то тако´е?
Man: Excuse me, what is it?
Продавщица: Это пла´тье.
Saleslady: This is a dress.
Мужчина: Хе. Я ду´мал, это ю´бка. А э´то?
Man: Huh? I thought it was a skirt. And what's this?
Продавщица: А э´то ю´бка.
Saleslady: It's a skirt.
Мужчина: Я ду´мал, э´то по´яс.
Man: I thought it was a belt.


derya.salam 11.07.2013
очень смешно...:D

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