Learn Russian online: It's not my size at all!

It's not my size at all!

Everybody likes getting presents – Russian women are no exception – and some of us even enjoy giving them. Let's see what went wrong with a gift in our dialog (and whether there ever even was one) and learn some necessary expressions concerning giving and receiving presents.


Жена: Дорого´й, кто здесь был вчера´?
Wife: Dear, who was here yesterday?
Муж: Никто´.
Husband: Nobody.
Жена: А что э´то тако´е?
Wife: Then what's this?
Муж: Это пода´рок для тебя´.
Husband: It's a present for you.
Жена: Да? Но разме´р совсе´м не мой!
Wife: Really? But it's not my size at all!


Natalia RusPod 02.08.2015
radman13, these two mean the same thing, and work for both men and women. The only difference is in grammar (smth like "this is to you" vs "this is for you", but in Russian both are correct). It is not really important at Survival level. You'll get it when learn the Genitive and Dative cases!
radman13 01.08.2015
In your "giving a present" section you used both "это для тебя" And "это тебе". is one the feminine form? Why did you change it?

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