Learn Russian online: Going Abroad

Going Abroad

Russians love travelling – either abroad or just around. Today, we're heading to the Crimea: Let's find out how Russian it is, and practice saying where we are going.

UPD: On March 18, 2014, Crimea officially joined the Russian Federation, so it is now, in fact, a part of Russia again. The lesson is still useful though: you can learn new vocabulary and hear the story of Crimea before it hit the news.


Он: За´втра я е´ду заграни´цу.
He: Tomorrow, I'm going abroad.
Она: О, кру´то! Куда´?
She: Oh, cool. Where to?
Он: В Крым.
He: To the Crimea.
Она: Но Крым – э´то Росси´я.
She: But the Crimea – That's Russia.
Он: Крым - э´то Украи´на.
He: No, the Crimea – That's Ukraine.
Она: Кака´я ра´зница!
She: What's the difference!


Nikita Petrov 21.08.2013
henriqdp, "Я иду в магазине" (Prepositional case) is "I'm walking inside of the store". "Я иду в магазин" (Accusative case) is "I'm going to the store."
henriqdp 20.08.2013
Isn't it "Я иду´ в магази´не"?

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