Learn Russian online: Agenda for tomorrow

Agenda for tomorrow

As a tourist in Russia, you'll hardly have a chance to catch your breath. And that's just as well, because there is always so much to do and to see. Today's lesson will help you to organize your busy day of sight-seeing and teach you how to say phrases like "in the morning" or "in the afternoon" in Russian.


Муж: Програ´мма на за´втра. У´тром - Кремль. Днём - музе´й.
Husband: (Here is) the program for tomorrow. In the morning (we're going to) the Kremlin. In the afternoon (we're going to) a museum.
Жена: А ве´чером о´тдых, да?
Wife: And in the evening is time to relax, right?
Муж: Нет. Ве´чером бале´т, а но´чью – клуб.
Husband: No. In the evening is ballet and at night (we'll go to a) club.
Жена: Что?!
Wife: What?!


Natalia RusPod 19.10.2013
ednul, no, that's not correct. "Программа на сегодня" means "program for today", and "program for tomorrow" would be "программа на завтра". Hope it was useful :)
ednul 19.10.2013
"Программа на сегодня" means" "program for tomorrow." is right, isnt it? Your program told me the opposit.

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