Learn Russian online: What's for breakfast?

What's for breakfast?

Feeding a kid is never easy, and in Russia it can be a real challenge. Russian kids usually hate traditional Russian kids' meals like porridge and soup. Let's try these dishes, too – maybe they are not as bad as we Russians thought as children.

While tasting, we'll learn how to say "for breakfast/lunch/dinner" in Russian.


Cын: Опя´ть на за´втрак ка´ша!
Son: Porridge for breakfast again!
Мама: Потому´ что э´то о´чень поле´зно!
Mother: Because it's very healthy!
Сын: А на обе´д, наве´рное, суп!
Son: And for lunch there is probably soup!
Мама: Потому´ что...
Mother: Because…
Сын: ...э´то о´чень поле´зно!
Son: ...it's very healthy!


Bhawna Setia 05.05.2014
мне нравится этот разговор
derya.salam 11.07.2013
очень смешно...)))

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