Learn Russian online: Open or Closed?

Open or Closed?

Whether it's on the weekend or late at night, you can always find a place in Moscow to shop or have a coffee or even get a sun-tan. It is a city that never sleeps: many places are open 24/7 – that is, unless they are closed. Sometimes quite unexpectedly. A sign at the door will usually tell you what's the sitch, so it's better to understand what's written on it.

In today's lesson, we'll study some of the most common signs, both for shop names and for their business hours.


Мужчина: Откры´то 24 (два´дцать четы´ре) часа´. Отли´чно...
Man: Open 24 hours. Great. (He tries to open the door, knocks)
Хм. Стра´нно. Закры´то. Мо´жет, переры´в?
Hm. That's weird. Closed. Maybe they're on a lunch break? (He tries again)
Продавщица: Хва´тит стуча´ть! Ремо´нт!
Saleslady: Stop knocking! We're closed for repairs!


albacecaj 02.04.2014
very funny construction of dialogues.
jondfordyce 15.02.2014
Good lesson, thankyou!
moccaa 11.11.2013
you should add the pronounciation also for the words in Reality check ;)
Nikita Petrov 17.07.2013
Freelivingform, please don't. Russia is an amazing country, but it is tough at the same time. As for the dialogues, we just try to make them entertaining, and one way to do that is to have some sort of a conflict going on. Then again, we're saying you can get almost anything at any time in the day in Moscow, isn't that positive?
steve 16.07.2013
The recordings are of good quality but why is everything negative. I may end up losing respect for Russia if I continue to listen to these podcasts....

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