Learn Russian online: I don't understand

I don't understand

Sooner or later, you'll master the Russian language and will be able to speak it like a pro. But for now, it's handy to be able to say that you're not that far yet and, thus, to avoid unnecessary questions. Let's see how the heroine of our dialog manages it, and let's learn how to say "I don't speak…" and "I don't understand…" in Russian.


Мужчина: Эй, де´вушка, где здесь метро´?
Man: Hey, girl, where is the subway (around) here?
Девушка: Я не понима´ю.
Girl (a foreigner): I don't understand.
Мужчина: Я то´же не понима´ю. Мо´жет, там?
Man: I also don't get it. Maybe there?
Девушка: Я не говорю´ по-ру´сски.
Girl: I don't speak Russian.
Мужчина: Ха, о´чень смешно´.
Man: Ha, very funny.
Девушка: Извини´те, я не понима´ю.
Girl: Sorry, I don't understand.


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