Learn Russian online: A bad employee

A bad employee

Today we'll examine another important aspect of office life: the qualities of the co-workers. Let's find out what is the better asset in a Russian company: to be a good professional or a good person. We'll also learn some adjectives used to characterize people or things.


Начальник: Он плохо´й рабо´тник.
Boss: He is a bad worker.
Девушка: Но он хоро´ший челове´к!
Girl (an employee): But he is a good person!
Начальник: Он ужа´сный ме´неджер.
Boss: He is a terrible manager.
Девушка: Но он отли´чный друг!
Girl: But he's a great friend!
Начальник: В о´бщем, он уво´лен.
Boss: Anyway, he is fired.


Natalia RusPod 14.08.2013
henriqdp, right! Feminine adjectives usually get -ая at the end: хорошая, плохая, ужасная, отличная, etc. We start dealing with grammar at the next (Beginner) level, where there will be more than one lesson explaining adjectives of all forms. Get there when you feel ready :) These are lessons 19, 24, 25, 26, 32 of the Beginner level.
henriqdp 14.08.2013
The adjectives ending in "-ый" and "-ий" are both masculine, right? How does it end when it refers to a feminine/neuter noun?
derya.salam 11.07.2013
В общем, он уволен....xexe..)))
Daria Pimenova 04.12.2012
It is, but "друг" can be used with both genders (just like in English): Она хороший друг - She's a good friend.
iosonofabio 04.12.2012
how can it be: "Ма´ша отли´чный друг." instead of "подруга"? Isn't маша a girl name only?

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