Learn Russian online: When is payday?

When is payday?

Deadlines and salaries – it's always good to know when they are due. That's why we'll be discussing the days of the week in today's lesson. What day is today? – Како´й сего´дня день? Let's find it out, maybe our paycheck is there already!


Он: Како´й день сего´дня?
He: What day is today?
Она: Понеде´льник.
She: It's Monday.
Он: Зна´чит, за´втра вто´рник. За´втра бу´дет зарпла´та!
He: That means tomorrow is Tuesday. Tomorrow is payday!
Она: Ага´. А послеза´втра дедла´йн.
She: Yep. And the day after tomorrow is the deadline.
Он: Ну, послеза´втра неско´ро.
He: Well, the day after tomorrow is not soon.


Jeffrey Lomicka 16.06.2016
Is there a way to get the sample Russian calendar without creating a login at their web site? (calendar.yandex.ru/week)
iosonofabio 09.12.2012
I am using Firefox 17.0.1 and Linux 3.6.9.
Nikita Petrov 07.12.2012
Fabio, oh, it shouldn't be like that. Could you tell us what browser and operating system you're using?
iosonofabio 06.12.2012
sorry, I mean, the line is longer than the with of the column in the webpage on my browser, so it spreads into the part (3) and covers my vocabulary! (is it maybe my browser?)
Nikita Petrov 06.12.2012
Fabio, could you explain the question? What do you mean by "wrap"?
iosonofabio 04.12.2012
Dear Nikita, is it normal that the third Russian line in the dialoge doesn't wrap after завтра?

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