Learn Russian online: Where are Ivanov and Petrov?

Where are Ivanov and Petrov?

Today, we are having a peek into Russian office life. It's Monday, which usually means that some of the colleagues are still relaxing after an oh-so-stressful weekend. Let's learn some of their common excuses and discuss most common conjunctions: "and" ("и", "а") and "but" ("но").


Начальник: Где Ивано´в и Петро´в?
Boss: Where are Ivanov and Petrov?
Секретарша: Ивано´в в про´бке, а Петро´в до´ма.
Secretary: Ivanov is in a traffic jam, and Petrov is at home.
Начальник: Но уже´ два часа´!
Boss: But it's already two o'clock (p.m.)!
Секретарша: Но сего´дня понеде´льник!
Secretary: But today is Monday!


Natalia RusPod 25.02.2014
Hi KinsRaw, we don't usually translate every single word, if they were explained in previous lessons. However, as you can understand from the dialogue, today is сегодня and Monday is понедельник :)
KinsRaw 24.02.2014
Under the vocabulary section, today and Monday aren't defined. Maybe it's supposed to be like that, but I wanted to make sure!
Natalia RusPod 09.08.2013
Thanks, fixed :)
spinningnmysleep 09.08.2013
Он не до´ма, а в про´бке. – He's not in a jam, but at home. They're switched! :D

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