Learn Russian online: Where babushkas are

Where babushkas are

Let's sit down on a bench and listen to Russian babushkas talk. One can find out lots of things while eavesdropping on old ladies – from the latest gossip to the inflation rates and the most precise weather forecasts.

Not only will babushkas inform us about the latest news of the neighborhood – we'll also learn more about the Russian accusative case from them. Today it's all about direct objects of feminine gender.


Ирина Петровна: Хоро´шая пого´да сего´дня.
Irina Petrovna: It's good weather today.
Анна Андреевна: Ага´, а э´то что тако´е? Ви´дишь маши´ну?
Anna Andreevna: Yeah, and what's this? Do you see a car?
Ирина Петровна: А да, ви´жу. Наве´рное, кто-то переезжа´ет.
Irina Petrovna: Oh yes, I see. Probably someone is moving in.
Анна Андреевна: А, ну пра´вильно пиани´стка-то на´ша уе´хала. По´мнишь пиани´стку?
Anna Andreevna: Ah, right - our piano-player has moved away, right? Do you remember the piano-player?
Ирина Петровна: По´мню, коне´чно. Игра´ла всё вре´мя в два часа´ но´чи.
Irina Petrovna: Of course, I do. She used to play at 2 a.m. all the time.
Анна Андреевна: Да, наде´юсь, э´та не лю´бит му´зыку.
Anna Andreevna: Yes, I hope this one doesn't like music.
Ирина Петровна: Я то´же наде´юсь. Ба´тюшки, ка´жется, я ви´жу трубу´!
Irina Petrovna: I hope so too. Goodness, I think I see a trumpet!
Анна Андреевна: Го´споди, не дом, а консервато´рия.
Anna Andreevna: Oh Lord, that's not a house, that's a conservatory!


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