Learn Russian online: The Case of a Stolen Wallet

The Case of a Stolen Wallet

Today's lesson takes us to a Russian police station: An unlucky father has to report the loss of his wallet – and if only that! But at least we can learn something useful from his misfortune: How to talk to the police in such emergencies, and what steps to undertake.

Another important thing to learn today is the accusative case: If used as direct objects of the sentence, some nouns get a new ending – and some don't. You'll find out more about this little mystery in our Grammar section.


Мужчина: Здра´вствуйте, я хочу´ написа´ть заявле´ние. У меня´ укра´ли кошелё´к.
A man: Hello, I'd like to report a crime. My wallet has been stolen.
Полицейский: Как э´то случи´лось? Расскажи´те подро´бно.
A policeman: How did it happen? Tell me the details.
Мужчина: Ну, я вы´шел из о´фиса, встре´тил сы´на из шко´лы, мы пошли´ гуля´ть в парк, я хоте´л купи´ть квас, а кошелька´ нет.
Man: Well, I left the office, I picked up my son from his school, we went to the park, I wanted to buy some kvas, and my wallet was gone.
Полицейский: Поня´тно. Укра´ли. А сын где? Сы´на то´же укра´ли?
Policeman: I see. It was stolen. And where's your son? Was he stolen as well?
Мужчина: Нет... Сы´на я, ка´жется, сам потеря´л. Я хочу´ написа´ть два заявле´ния.
Man: No… I guess I lost him all by myself. I'd like to submit two statements.


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