Learn Russian online: What a waste!

What a waste!

Recycling garbage? What is that for? Generally speaking, Russians aren't familiar with the concept and are quite perplexed when confronted with it. Like the hero of our dialog who's visiting friends abroad and honestly can't understand the purpose of the whole idea.

Reason and purpose is the topic of today's grammar as well: We'll revisit the words used to ask and answer questions about reason and purpose – of waste separation among other things.


Дима: Интере´сно, почему´ здесь разноцве´тные му´сорки?
Dima: I wonder why there are trash-bins in different colors here?
Джессика: Ну, потому´ что зелё´ная для стекла´, си´няя для бума´ги, жё´лтая для пла´стика...
Jessica: Well, because the green one is for glass, the blue one is for paper waste, the yellow one is for plastic waste…
Дима: И заче´м всё э´то?
Dima: And what is this all for?
Джессика: Что´бы пото´м не сортирова´ть му´сор.
Jessica: So that the garbage doesn't have to be sorted later.
Дима: Почему´ нельзя´ его´ про´сто сжечь?
Dima: Why can't one just burn it?
Джессика: Потому´ что му´сор жечь нельзя´. Это вре´дно!
Jessica: Because one may not burn garbage. It's harmful!
Дима: Ну, жить вообще´ вре´дно!
Dima: Well, living in general is harmful!


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