Learn Russian online: Why I need an iPhone

Why I need an iPhone

The more gadgets one has, the more one wants. At least in Russia, this seems to be a universal principle. Today, we're meeting one insatiable consumer who'll give us a chance to learn the names of those desirable objects.

In the grammar part, we'll be discussing a handy construction that helps to say why something is necessary or what purpose something has (As in: "I need an iPhone to show it off.")


Дочь: Па´па, мне ну´жен айфо´н.
Daughter: Daddy, I need an iPhone.
Отец: Заче´м? У тебя´ уже´ есть телефо´н.
Father: What for? You already have a cell phone.
Дочь: Ты не понима´ешь, он то´лько звони´т.
Daughter: You don't understand: It can only make calls.
Отец: Я ду´мал, телефо´н ну´жен, что´бы звони´ть.
Father: I thought a phone is needed to make calls.
Дочь: Мне ну´жен норма´льный телефо´н, что´бы фотографи´ровать, слу´шать му´зыку, проверя´ть по´чту.
Daughter: I need a good phone: to take pictures, to listen to music, to check my e-mail.
Отец: Хм. Но фотоаппара´т, пле´ер и ноутбу´к у тебя´ уже есть.
Father: Hm. But you already have a camera, an mp3-player, and a laptop.
Дочь: Мне ну´жно всё вме´сте!
Daughter: I need them all together!
Отец: Окей. Я куплю´ тебе´ су´мку, что´бы носи´ть всё вме´сте. Дё´шево и серди´то.
Father: Okay. I'll buy you a bag to carry it all together. It's cheap and simple.


Nikita Petrov 21.08.2013
jkeithly, that's a good question. "Angry" doesn't usually mean "worthy" or "adequate," but it does in this particular fixed expression. The idea is it's not the best way to do it, it's not the best quality achiveable - but hey, it works. One theory says that "сердито" once used to mean "good", since it shares the root with the word "сердце" (heart). That theory is not proven though, so it's your choice whether you want to accept it :-)
jkeithly 17.08.2013
How does "cheap and angry" get transformed to be "cheap but worthy/simple/adequate"?

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