Learn Russian online: A present for the mother-in-law

A present for the mother-in-law

The holidays are approaching: It's time to discuss presents and the relatives who will receive them. Let's listen to two friends examining their already-purchased gifts and see what lucky relative will be getting an anti-flea shampoo!

In the grammar part, we continue examining the genitive case. We'll take a closer look at its usage after the preposition "для" (for), as in: "a present for my wife."


Лена: Что у тебя´ там?
Lena: What do you have in there?
Андрей: Пода´рки. Ско´ро Но´вый год.
Andrey: Presents. New Year is nearing.
Лена: Мо´жно посмотре´ть? Часы´. Дороги´е.
Lena: Can I take a look? A watch. An expensive one.
Андрей: Э´то для супру´ги.
Andrey: That's for my spouse.
Лена: А э´то что? Духи´.
Lena: And what's this? Perfume.
Адрей: Э´то для до´чки.
Andrey: That's for my daughter.
Лена: Конфе´ты, игру´шки... Шампу´нь от блох?
Lena: Candy, toys… An anti-flea shampoo?
Андрей: Это для тё´щи!
Andrey: That's for my mother-in-law!
Лена: Что?!
Lena: What?!
Андрей: В смы´сле, для её соба´ки. А для тё´щи вот – крем для ко´жи.
Andrey: I mean, it's for her dog. And for my mother-in-law – here's a skin-cream.


Natalia RusPod 26.05.2015
Annaws80, yes, they have the same meaning, but в смысле is a little less formal. Hope it helps :)
Annaws80 26.05.2015
Hi, I'd like to ask if "В смы´сле" is the same as я имел в виду? Can they be used interchangeably?

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