Learn Russian online: Great apartment for rent

Great apartment for rent

Choosing an apartment to rent is a tricky business anywhere, and Russia is not without its own risks and peculiarities. Today, we are listening to a prospective landlady who thinks her rental is just great. Is she telling the truth, or is her apartment lacking something?

Lacking something is also our grammar topic for today: When we say "there is no…" in Russian, we have to put the missing item in a special form – its genitive case, changing the word's ending slightly.


Хозяйка квартиры: Прекра´сная кварти´ра! Балко´на нет, но ую´тно.
Landlady: A great apartment! There's no balcony, but it's cozy.
Съёмщик: Так. Ва´нная... А ва´нны нет?
A potential tenant: Okay. Here's the bathroom. And is there no bathtub?
Хозяйка: Ва´нны нет, ма´ло ме´ста. Зато´ есть душ.
Landlady: There is no bathtub, there's too little space. But there's a shower.
Съёмщик: А воды´ нет?
Tenant: And there's no water?
Хозяйка: Ну, ле´то. Отключи´ли.
Landlady: Well, it's summer. They turned it off.
Съёмщик: И све´та нет!
Tenant: And there's no light!
Хозяйка: Ну так и квартпла´ты пока´ нет!
Landlady: Well, there's no rent yet!


golibhusanov199705 08.07.2016
жаркие дни осени. also this sentence how is it Oceni and not Ocena because according to the genitive case we have to add -a after the words that end in consonant but this is ending with I . Can you explain the reason because it is really confusing me ...
golibhusanov199705 08.07.2016
can you explain , how is the word ую´тно ending with <o> why or how is it in a neuter form ?

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