Learn Russian online: The early bird gets the worm

The early bird gets the worm

Доброе утро! Good morning! Some of us enjoy rising early and starting the day with the birdies, but for the larger part of humanity it's an everyday torture. Just like for the hero of today's dialog: At tough times like these, even coffee doesn't help. But maybe a couple of soothing folk-sayings about early rising will cheer him up? Let's learn them, too!

In today's grammar, we discuss another type of verbs – the ones ending on -авать, like "встава´ть" – "to get up."


Дима: Я так хочу´ спать.
Dima: I want to sleep so badly.
Маша: Вот твой ко´фе. Сейча´с проснё´шься.
Masha: Here's your coffee. You'll wake up fast.
Дима: Ко´фе здесь не помо´жет. Не могу´ бо´льше так ра´но встава´ть.
Dima: Coffee won't help me. I can't get up so early anymore.
Маша: Кто ра´но встаё´т, тому´ Бог даё´т.
Masha: The early bird gets the worm.
Дима: А по-мо´ему, кто ра´но встаё´т, тот бы´стро устаё´т.
Dima: And I think, the early bird gets tired sooner.


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