Learn Russian online: Guests are a-coming

Guests are a-coming

Despite their natural reserve and seeming unfriendliness, Russians are well-known for throwing exuberant parties. The backstage of the festivities can be stressful and chaotic, but the result is always delicious. Our lesson will provide you with some menu suggestions among other things – so you'd better not go through it on an empty stomach!

Our grammar continues with the verbs of motion – today it's all about "arriving."


Мама: Ничего´ не успева´ем! Го´сти бу´дут че´рез час!
Mother: We don't have time for anything! The guests are coming in an hour!
Сын: Ну почему´, у нас уже´ есть селё´дка под шу´бой...
Son: Why, we already have a dressed herring…
Мама: Потому´ что я её сде´лала три дня наза´д.
Mother: Because I made it three days ago.
Сын: И ещё´ тё´тя А´ня обеща´ла сде´лать оливье´.
Son: And also Auntie Anya promised to make Olivier salad.
Мама: Обеща´ла! То´лько она´ всегда´ прихо´дит после´дняя!
Mother: She promised! But she always arrives last!
Сын: Остальны´е то´же прихо´дят не во´время.
Son: The rest also never arrive on time.
Мама: Вот и´менно. Опя´ть кто-то ра´ньше вре´мени пришё´л.
Mother: Exactly. Someone has just come before the due time.
Сын: Е´сли пришё´л – сейча´с бу´дет нам помога´ть.
Son: If they have arrived – they are going to help us now.


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