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Kings of the road

A car with its flashers on rushes onto the wrong lane, crashing into someone who wasn't paying enough attention and who then is blamed for the accident. This is not a scary road movie, this is Moscow reality. But who's the real culprit? Was it the ambulance, the fire department, or the police? None of them. Our lesson will give you all the answers and prepare you for some surprises on the big city streets.

In today's grammar, we move on with the verbs of motion: Now, it's the turn of the verbs with the meaning of "exiting," or "going/coming out."


Сергей: Приве´т! Я опозда´ю. На Куту´зовском така´я про´бка...
Sergey: Hi. I'll be late. There such a traffic jam on Kutuzovsky highway…
Марина: Что, опя´ть ава´рия?
Marina: What, is there an accident again?
Сергей: Ага. То´лько что "Мерседе´с" вы´ехал на встре´чку и попа´л в ава´рию.
Sergey: Yep. Just now, a Mercedes drove out onto the oncoming lane and got into an accident.
Марина: Ого´. Наве´рное, госномера´?
Marina: Wow. I guess, he's got government plates?
Сергей: Ну да. И мига´лка. Води´тель да´же не вы´шел из маши´ны.
Sergey: Sure. And a flasher. The driver hasn't even left the car.
Марина: А заче´м? Сейча´с за него´ други´е всё реша´т.
Marina: And would he? Others are going to solve it for him right away.


kstome 11.03.2016
Привет! The word решить - To solve - is that the same word as "To decide"? Or is it two different words.

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