Learn Russian online: Meeting with a car

Meeting with a car

Here you are, driving to an important meeting in Moscow. You're almost there – but whose car is parked there, blocking your way? We'll find it out in this lesson, together with the discussion of Russian parking habits and some useful words you have to know when driving or walking along Russian streets.

In the grammar section, we'll deal with the verbs of motion again. This time, it's the set of verbs with the meaning of "entering."


Алексей: Алло´.
Alexey: (on his cell phone) Hello.
Людмила: Алексе´й? До´брый день. У нас сего´дня встре´ча...
Ludmila: Alexey? Good afternoon. We have a meeting today…
Алексей: Да, я уже´ вхожу´ в о´фис. А вы где?
Alexey: Yes, I'm entering the office already. And where are you?
Людмила: А я уже´ въезжа´ю в переу´лок.
Ludmila: And I'm driving into the side-street.
Алексей: Отли´чно. Зна´чит, че´рез три мину´ты встре´тимся.
Alexey: Great. Then, we'll see each other in three minutes.
Людмила: Похо´же, не встре´тимся. Како´й идио´т поста´вил здесь свой О´пель?!
Ludmila: (crashing into a car) It looks like we won't. What idiot has parked his Opel here?
Алексей: Кра´сный? О´коло а´рки?
Alexey: A red one? Next to the arch?
Людмила: Да.
Ludmila: Yes.
Алексей: Э´то мой… Зна´чит, всё´-таки встре´тимся.
Alexey: That's mine… Which means, we shall meet after all.


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