Learn Russian online: Dodging the draft

Dodging the draft

There are many concerns on a young Russian man's mind, like: "Why did my girlfriend leave me?" or "Where can I get more money?" or "What am I doing with my life?" But very often they are overshadowed by another one: "How can I avoid the draft?" In Russia, military service is compulsory, and not everyone is happy about it. Why it is so, and what can indeed be done to avoid it – this lesson will reveal a couple of open military secrets.

In today's grammar we'll revisit the usage of the genitive case with three different versions of the preposition "from."


Офицер: Здра´вствуйте. Я из военкома´та. Мне ну´жен Ва´ся.
Officer: Hello. I'm from the military recruiting office. I need [to speak to] Vasya.
Мама: Он ещё´ не верну´лся с учё´бы.
Mother: He's not back from his studies yet.
Офицер: С учё´бы? Его вы´гнали из институ´та!
Officers: From [his] studies [ironically]? He's been kicked out from his institute!
Мама: Как?!
Mother: How's that?!
Офицер: Так. Он тепе´рь бе´гает от военко´ма.
Officer: That's how. Now, he's running from the military recruiting officer.
Мама: Плева´ть мне на военко´ма. Он от ма´мы бе´гает!
Mother: I don't care about the officer. He's running from his Mom!
Офицер: Тогда´ дава´йте вме´сте иска´ть.
Offcier: Then let's look for him together.
Мама: Нет уж. Дава´йте по отде´льности.
Mother: Oh, no. Let's do it separately.


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