Learn Russian online: Grandfather Frost

Grandfather Frost

Did you know that Russians not only have their own Santa Claus, but that he also comes not at Christmas time, but on New Year's Eve instead? And not late at night through the chimney, but right through the front door to your happy kids? Come and greet him, too, maybe there'll be presents?

In today's grammar, we'll learn which prepositions are used with events (like going to a party), and round out our knowledge of the spatial prepositions.


Мама: Де´ти! Дед Моро´з пришё´л! Добро´ пожа´ловать, Де´душка!
Mother: Children! Grandfather Frost has come! Welcome, Grandpa!
Дед Мороз: Де´душка из кварти´ры в кварти´ру хо´дит, с пра´здника на пра´здник...
Grandfather Frost: Grandpa is walking from apartment to apartment, from celebration to celebration…
Мама: И у нас в кварти´ре пра´здник. А на пра´зднике ну´жно вы´пить!
Mother: There's a celebration in our apartment, too! And at the celebration, one has to drink!
Дед Мороз: Де´душка всё пьёт и пьёт...
Grandfather Frost: Grandpa keeps drinking and drinking…
Мама: Де´ти! Кто пе´рвый расска´жет стишо´к?
Mother: Children! Who will be the first one to recite a poem?
Дед Мороз: Опя´ть стишо´к. А дава´йте лу´чше споё´м? "Ой, моро´з, моро´з..."
Grandfather Frost: (sighs) Again a poem! How about we sing instead? (sings) "Oh, frost, frost…"


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