Learn Russian online: Cops and robbers

Cops and robbers

In Russia, it's sometimes hard to say who you have to beware of more, hooligans or policemen. The rule of thumb here is to keep away from both of them. Let's see whether our dialog's hero followed this rule, and discuss some police-related topics as well.

Today's grammar deals with spatial prepositions again: We'll learn which of them to use when you are in a closed space, or want to get in or out of it.


Муж: Дорога´я, приве´т, я звоню´ из поли´ции, я сейча´с в уча´стке.
Husband: Hello, dear, I'm calling from the police; I'm at the station right now.
Жена: Бо´же мой, что случи´лось?
Wife: Oh my God, what happened?
Муж: Ну, я сиде´л до´ма, на у´лице шуме´ли каки´е-то го´пники
Husband: Well, I was at home, and some (whispers) rowdies were making noise on the street.
Жена: И ты на´чал дра´ться?
Wife: And you started fighting?
Муж: Нет, про´сто вы´шел из до´ма на у´лицу, попроси´л замолча´ть.
Husband: No, I just came out of the house onto the street and asked them to be quiet.
Жена: И они´ на´чали тебя´ бить?
Wife: And they started hitting you?
Муж: Нет, они´ меня´ пря´мо с у´лицы повезли´ в уча´сток.
Husband: No, they took me to the police station right from the street.
Жена: Не поняла´, кто, го´пники?
Wife: I didn't get that: Who, the rowdies?
Муж: Ну, оказа´лось, что э´то не го´пники, а полице´йские. Ещё оказа´лось, что шуме´л я, а не они´.
Husband: Well it turned out that they weren't rowdies, but the policemen. And also it turned out that it was I who was making noise, and not they.


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