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Polar Night

Would you like to live in a place where the night sometimes lasts for more than a month? Exotic as it may sound, there are several big Russian cities where the polar night is a part of everyday life. Let's listen to a telephone conversation with one such city and learn more about the conditions beyond the Arctic Circle.

In today's grammar, we'll continue with the accusative case of animate and inanimate nouns – this time of the feminine gender.


Брат: Алё´, приве´т! Не разбуди´л?
Brother: Hello! I didn't wake you up, did I?
Сестра: Разбуди´л. Но ничего´.
Sister: You did. But that's okay.
Брат: У вас уже´ ночь? Я не по´мню все э´ти часовы´е пояса´.
Brother: Is it night there already? I don't remember all these time zones.
Сестра: У нас ещё´ ме´сяц бу´дет ночь. Поля´рная.
Sister: We're going to have a night for another month. It's the polar night.
Брат: Ох. И про поля´рные но´чи я забы´л.
Brother: Oh. I forgot about polar nights as well.
Сестра: Гла´вное, что ты не забы´л про племя´нниц. Сейча´с поздра´вишь?
Sister: What matters is that you didn't forget about your nieces. Do you want to congratulate them now?
Брат: Ах да, у них ведь день рожде´ния. Он сего´дня или за´втра?
Brother: Oh right, it's their birthday. Is it today or tomorrow?
Сестра: Ох.
Sister: (sighs) Oh.
Брат: Я про´сто не по´мню все э´ти часовы´е пояса´
Brother: I just don't remember all these time zones…


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