Learn Russian online: Comrade, can you spare a dime?

Comrade, can you spare a dime?

Beggars are a sad part of every city in the world, and Russia is no exception. On the contrary, the populace of panhandlers is so vast and multifaceted that one can talk about a separate complex subculture – or sub-society. In this lesson we'll get to know it a bit closer – but not too close: Some murky waters are better treaded carefully.

In today's grammar we'll learn more about different forms of the Russian accusative case, concentrating on plural nouns.


Нищий: Де´вушка, извини´те, у вас не бу´дет два´дцать рубле´й на метро´?
Beggar: Ma'am, excuse me, can you spare twenty rubles for the subway?
Девушка: А что случи´лось? Почему´ вы босико´м?
Girl: And what happened? Why are you barefoot?
Нищий: Во´ры! Укра´ли кошелё´к и боти´нки, пока´ я спал в электри´чке.
Beggar: Thieves! They stole my wallet and my shoes while I was sleeping in the train.
Девушка: Мм... У меня´, ка´жется, есть ли´шний биле´т.
Girl: Hmm... I think I have a spare ticket.
Нищий: А всё´-таки – два´дцать рубле´й не бу´дет? Я тако´й голо´дный.
Beggar: But still, could you spare me 20 rubles? I'm so hungry.
Девушка: Е´сли хоти´те, у меня´ есть пирожо´к.
Girl: If you want it, I've got a patty.
Нищий: Да заче´м мне ваш пирожо´к? Да´йте два´дцать рубле´й!
Beggar: What am I supposed to do with that patty? Give me 20 rubles!
Девушка: Эта исто´рия сто´ит ма´ксимум де´сять. Вчера´шняя – про ма´льчика и банди´тов мне бо´льше понра´вилась.
Girl: This story is worth a maximum of ten rubles. I liked your story yesterday about a boy and the gangsters better.
Нищий: Окей, по´нял. Тогда´ до за´втра?
Beggar: Okay, I got it. Then, till tomorrow?


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