Learn Russian online: Vacation plans

Vacation plans

Summer is nearing, so it's high time to plan our next vacation! There are so many places to see around the world, but the sad key question is usually: What will our purse allow? In this lesson, we'll listen to dialog characters watching a travel show on TV and find out more about Russian ways to travel and attitudes to travelling.

In today's grammar, we'll learn some more verbs and specifically the ones that end on -овать/-евать which behave not quite like other verbs in the present tense.


Миша: Ну что, куда´ пое´дем в о´тпуск?
Misha: Well, where are we going for our vacation?
Катя: Зна´ешь, Си´доровы о´чень сове´товали Австра´лию. Я так хочу´ пое´хать!
Katya: You know, the Sidorovs highly recommended Australia. I want to go there so badly!
Миша: И как ты плани´руешь всё э´то организова´ть?
Misha: And how do you plan to organize all this?
Катя: Ну, снача´ла е´дем в Си´дней. Там ночу´ем. Пото´м в Ме´льбурн...
Katya: Well, first, we go to Sidney. We'll spend a night there. Then we go to Melbourne…
Миша: Нет, я име´л в виду´, где ты плани´руешь найти´ де´ньги на Австра´лию?
Misha: No, I meant: Where are you planning to find money to go to Australia?
Катя: Ну, я ду´мала, что найду´ у тебя´ в кошельке´...
Katya: Well, I thought I'd find it in your wallet...
Миша: Не вопро´с. Тогда´ на´ши вариа´нты Ту´рция и Еги´пет.
Misha: No problem. Then our options are Turkey or Egypt.


kstome 26.01.2015
Thank you, I look forward to learning more russian. This course is excellent :-)
Natalia RusPod 26.01.2015
Eхать and поехать are both infinitive, but one is imperfective, and one is perfective. You're going to learn more about these forms in little time (around 11th lesson of this level).
kstome 26.01.2015
ok. What about поехать, does this mean exactly the same as ехать, or is this also a future tense?
Natalia RusPod 24.01.2015
kstome, найду is future tense, I-form. Translated literally, it would be "I thought I'll find in your wallet".
kstome 24.01.2015
найду´ - This is a form of the verb найти´ that I haven't seen before... Is this normal present tense, I-form? "I find" ?

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