Learn Russian online: Going Postal

Going Postal

Today's lesson is a cautionary tale about Russia's state postal service – "Почта России." Unfortunate, but true: The Russian Postal Service is nothing to write home about. Let's take a closer look at its weaknesses and find ways around them.

You have to know from where to where you're sending you package, right? Today's grammar helps you with it, providing you with two handy prepositions от and до – meaning "from" and "to."


Антон: Здра´вствуйте. Я жду посы´лку из США.
Anton: Hello. I'm waiting for a package from the USA.
Почтовый оператор: Когда´ вы её´ заказа´ли?
Postal clerk: When did you order it?
Антон: Два ме´сяца наза´д. На са´йте пи´шут, что така´я посы´лка идё´т три неде´ли.
Anton: Two months ago. On their site, they write that such package takes three weeks.
Почтовый оператор: Три неде´ли она идё´т то´лько от США до грани´цы Росси´и.
Postal clerk: It takes three weeks from the USA to the Russian border.
Антон: Но мы как раз в Росси´и.
Anton: But that's where we are – in Russia!
Почтовый оператор: А от грани´цы Росси´и до Москвы´ она идё´т ещё´ четы´ре ме´сяца.
Postal clerk: And from the Russian boarder to Moscow it takes another four months.
Антон: Как она идё´т? Пешко´м?! "По´чта Росси´и"!
Anton: How does it get there? By foot?! "Russian Post"!


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