Learn Russian online: Calling from Yakutsk

Calling from Yakutsk

You have to be tough to live in Yakutia – not only because it's one of the Russia's coldest regions, but also because the rest of the country doesn't seem to understand how unusual it really is. Let's find out more about it in this lesson.

In the grammar part, we'll learn prepositions that delimit periods of time – c and до (from and to).


Заказчик: Алло´! Э´то из Яку´тска. Я зака´зывал това´р. Ба´ржи до сих пор нет!
Customer: Hello! I'm calling from Yakutsk. I ordered some merchandise. The barge isn't here yet!
Секретарша: У нас с ию´ля до сентября´ о´тпуск.
Secretary: We're on vacation from July till September.
Заказчик: А мне на´до получи´ть зака´з, пока´ у вас о´тпуск.
Customer: And I need to get my order while you're on vacation.
Секретарша: Ско´ро все верну´тся.
Secretary: Soon everybody will be back.
Заказчик: Ско´ро замё´рзнет река´.
Customer: Soon the river will freeze over.
Секретарша: Как? В сентябре´?!
Secretary: How come? In September?
Заказчик: В Яку´тске зима´ с сентября´ до ма´я.
Customer: In Yakutsk, we have winter from September till May.
Секретарша: А доро´ги то´же замё´рзнут?
Secretary: And will the roads freeze, too?
Заказчик: А доро´г у нас нет.
Customer: We haven't got any roads.


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