Learn Russian online: Russian Time Zones

Russian Time Zones

Russia's vastness has its drawbacks: While one business partner is getting up, his client has already gone to bed – a not-uncommon situation that can make business dealings a real headache. No wonder that Russians are infamous for their lack of punctuality – maybe their many time zones are to blame?

In this lesson, we will not only study different Russian time zones, but also learn to define periods of time with the help of two prepositions: после (after) and через (in).


Вера Петровна: Ты опя´ть пришё´л на рабо´ту в двена´дцать!
Vera Petrovna: You came to work after 12 o'clock again!
Андрей: Но по´сле пра´здников мо´жно?
Andrey: But it's okay after the holidays, isn't it?
Вера Петровна: Мы че´рез день должны´ запусти´ть прое´кт!
Vera Petrovna: We must launch the project in one day!
Андрей: Я по´мню. Че´рез час покажу´ чернови´к.
Andrey: I remember. I'll show you my draft in an hour.
Вера Петровна: Ви´димо, ты по´сле о´тдыха забы´л, что зака´зчик – во Владивосто´ке. Че´рез час он бу´дет до´ма.
Vera Petrovna: It seems that, after the holidays, you've forgotten that the customer is in Vladivostok. In an hour, he'll be home already.


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