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Mister Twister

Today, we're making the acquaintance of an American millionaire who once came to Soviet Russia and was immortalized in the children's poem "Mister Twister" written by Samuil Marshak. Let's read its most famous excerpt and then find out more about foreigners confronting Russian life.

Mr. Twister will also assist us in learning the plural forms of the Russian genitive case: Here they are used to express possessions – that's something a millionaire knows about best.

Audio fragment and an image from the cartoon "Mister Twister" (Soyuzmultfim production, 1963)


Ми´стер Тви´стер, бы´вший мини´стр,
Mister Twister, former cabinet member,
Ми´стер Тви´стер, деле´ц и банки´р,
Mister Twister, a businessman and a banker,
Владе´лец заво´дов, газе´т, парохо´дов,
An owner of plants, newspapers, and steamships,
Реши´л на досу´ге объе´хать мир.
Decided to go around the world in his spare time.
Отли´чно”! – воскли´кнула дочь его Сю´зи. –
"Great!" exclaimed his daughter Susi.
Дава´й побыва´ем в Сове´тском Сою´зе”!
"Let's visit the Soviet Union!"


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