Learn Russian online: The wine must go on

The wine must go on

What's a romantic rendezvous without sufficient quantities of alcohol to accompany it? At least that's what some people - like our dialog's hero - firmly believe in. They are even ready to put their date "on hold" while they run out and get more drinks, because alcohol isn't sold all night in Russia anymore. This lesson will tell you more about this new law – and the ingenious ways in which Russians get around it.

In the grammar part of the lesson, we'll find out more about reflexive verbs, learning how to describe the beginning, the continuation, and the end of an action.


Катя: Так прия´тно вме´сте у´жинать, разгова´ривать, пить вино´
Katya: It's so pleasant to dine together, to talk, to drink wine…
Алексей: Да, вино´ хоро´шее. Ещё´ бока´л?
Alexey: Yes, the wine is fine. Another glass?
Катя: Ну, мо´жно...
Katya: Well, all right.
Алексей: Ой, а вино´ у нас зака´нчивается.
Alexey: Oh, we're running out of wine.
Катя: Как? Уже втора´я буты´лка? Ведь ве´чер то´лько начался´!
Katya: How come? Is it the second bottle already? But the evening has just started!
Алексей: Ага´. Пра´вильно говоря´т: "Ско´лько ни бери´, всё равно´ два ра´за бе´гать".
Alexey: Yeah. It's true what they say: "No matter how much you buy, you'll have to run to the store two times".
Катя: А мо´жет, не на´до бо´льше бе´гать?
Katya: Maybe one shouldn't run anymore?
Алексей: Нет, на´до. Ви´нный отде´л ско´ро закро´ется. А ве´чер до´лжен продолжа´ться!
Alexey: No, one should. The wine section is closing soon. And the evening must go on.


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