Learn Russian online: Puttin' on your face

Puttin' on your face

Getting ready to go out can turn into a very slow process if your "significant other" attaches too much importance to her good looks – and thus also to her make-up and clothes. Let's be patient with such girls: They're only trying to make the world a prettier place by adding their gorgeous looks to it.

In today's grammar we'll be dealing with a special category of verbs which describe an action directed at oneself – so-called "reflexive verbs."


Саша: Ско´лько мо´жно смотре´ться в зе´ркало?
Sasha: How long can you be looking in the mirror?
Юля: По-мо´ему, пома´да сли´шком я´ркая.
Yulya: I think the lipstick is too bright.
Саша: Коне´чно, я´ркая. Ты уже´ полчаса´ кра´сишь гу´бы.
Sasha: Of course it's bright. You've been putting it on for a half an hour already.
Юля: Дай мне накра´ситься. Я почти´ гото´ва.
Yulya: Let me put on my make-up. I'm almost ready.
Саша: Ага´. Тепе´рь тебе´ ну´жно оде´ться
Sasha: Oh, yeah. And now you need to get dressed.
Юля: Одева´юсь я бы´стро! То´лько вот... Что вы´брать?
Yulya: I get dressed fast. It's only… What to choose?
Саша: Я сейча´с пове´шусь.
Sasha: I'm going to hang myself.


Natalia RusPod 08.05.2015
kstome, that's because 'ться' is pronounced like 'ца' (tsa) in these constructions. just keep in mind these two letters, ца, when pronounce it.
kstome 07.05.2015
I notice that although the reflexive verbs are written with a soft sign and then ся at the end, they are pronounced (in the podcast) as though they don't have soft sign or soft sounds. The ся-ending sounds pretty hard, if you ask me! :-) Is this generally the case?

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