Learn Russian online: Missing lunch

Missing lunch

Let's drop by at a Russian office – it's lunch time, so how about sharing a tasty snack? But wait: While someone is happily filling his belly, his colleague is still searching for her lunch in the corporate fridge. It's gone! Who could possibly be the culprit?

In today's grammar, we'll encounter verbs that don't look alike, but belong together as imperfective and perfective aspects of one meaning. We'll find out more about their usage and learn some proverbs where they are used.


Иван: Са´ша, что ты так до´лго и´щешь в холоди´льнике?
Ivan: Sasha, what are you searching for in the fridge for so long?
Саша: Да вот, не могу´ найти´ обе´д.
Sasha: Well, see, I can't find my lunch.
Иван: Ну, компа´ния у нас больша´я, наве´рное, кто-то друго´й взял твой обе´д.
Ivan: Well, our company is big - probably someone else has taken your lunch.
Саша: Да нет. Ерунда´. Как мо´жно брать чужу´ю еду´? Наве´рное, я про´сто положи´ла его´ в друго´й холоди´льник.
Sasha: Nah. Nonsense. How can one take someone else's food? Probably I just put it in another fridge.
Иван: Что´бы не теря´ть еду´, Са´ша, её´ на´до класть не в холоди´льник, а в живо´т!
Ivan: In order to not lose your food, Sasha, you should put it not in the fridge, but into your belly!


Nikita Petrov 21.08.2013
Jkeithly, thank you! Will fix it asap.
jkeithly 18.08.2013
Again there is an error in a website link to Russian proverbs which has added an extra "h" to the "http" address cited.

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