Learn Russian online: Olympic fever

Olympic fever

Would you rather hang out at a bar or go to a hockey match? Some Russians wouldn't miss a big sports event for anything – even if it's much more expensive than a wild night in a pub. One such event is certainly the impending Olympic Games 2014 in the Black Sea city of Sochi - let's take a closer look at it.

In today's grammar, we'll discuss the pairs of imperfective/perfective verbs in their different tenses and usages.


Маша: Пойдё´м в суббо´ту в бар?
Masha: Let's go to a bar on Saturday!
Саша: Не могу´. Я тебе´ уже´ сказа´л, что купи´л биле´ты на хокке´й.
Sasha: I can't. I told you already that I bought tickets for a hockey match.
Маша: Ну, я всегда´ тебе´ говорю´, что ты покупа´ешь вся´кую ерунду´.
Masha: Well, I'm always telling you that you buy stupid stuff.
Саша: Э´то не ерунда´. Это фина´л Чемпиона´та Евро´пы. Я заплати´л 10 тыщ!
Sasha: This is not a stupid stuff. It's the final game of the European Championship. I paid 10 grand!
Маша: Зна´ешь, когда´ захо´чешь пое´хать на Олимпиа´ду в Со´чи, скажи´ мне.
Masha: You know, when you want to go to Sochi Olympics, tell me.
Саша: Ты хо´чешь пое´хать со мной?
Sasha: Do you want to go with me?
Маша: Нет, но я помогу´ тебе прода´ть кварти´ру!
Masha: No, but I'll help you to sell your apartment!


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