Learn Russian online: What a wedding!

What a wedding!

It's  a wedding day today – for some, the most important day of their lives; for others, a happy opportunity to gossip gleefully about the bride's looks and the groom's faults. Let's join in on the celebrations – or at least on the gossip – and learn more about Russian wedding traditions.

Today's grammar takes us into the future: We'll learn how to form the future tense of both imperfective and perfective verbs.


Аня: Ой, сва´дьба! Како´й шика´рный лимузи´н!
Anya: Oh, there's wedding! What a chic limo!
Виктор: Обы´чный бе´лый лимузи´н.
Victor: It's a regular white limo.
Аня: Когда´ я бу´ду выходи´ть за´муж, я закажу´ тако´й же.
Anya: When I get married, I'll order the same kind.
Виктор: А вон и неве´ста!
Victor: And there's the bride!
Аня: Ой, како´е у неё´ роско´шное пла´тье! Куплю´ тако´е же!
Anya: Oh, what a gorgeous dress she has on! I'll buy the same kind!
Виктор: А вон и жени´х. Найдё´шь тако´го же?
Victor: And there's the groom. Are you going to find the same kind?
Аня: Фу. Како´й некраси´вый. Нет, я бу´ду иска´ть друго´го!
Anya: Yikes. He's so plain. No, I'll be looking for another one!


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